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4 Facts About Bail Bonds

If you’re arrested and thrown into jail, you have the option to post bond to get out of jail. You can do this by posting the bond amount in full with the courts or by using the services of a bail bondsman. When you use a bondsman, there are ample benefits that you don’t gain if you pay the amount through the courts. Here are a few important facts about bail bonds seattle wa that you should know.

1.  Anyone Can Use a Bail Bond

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time being arrested or your 50th arrest, a bondsman is always there for you.  Day in and day out, you can get out of jail in a hurry if you pick up the phone and call a bondsman. The charge that you face is also unimportant when using a bail bond service.

2.  The Final Amount

When using a bonding service, you pay only 10% of the court ordered bond amount whereas you pay the full amount when using a court service. It saves a considerable amount of money when a bondsman is used. There is also a small bondsman fee that you need to pay at the time the bond is posted.

bail bonds seattle wa

3.  More Than a Court Date

When you sign a bond you agree to appear in court on the scheduled date and time. However, some bond agreements include additional stipulations that you may need to adhere to if you want to comply with the rules of bail bond.

4.  No Money, No Problem

Money may not be the only way to pay a bail bond. In fact, may bondsman understand the trials involved with collecting large sums of money. They work with clients who have property of value and may be able to help you make a bond using this property.