workers compensation attorney oregon

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

If you need to file a Workers Comp claim, you may need an attorney. This is especially true if the insurance company denies your claim. A workers compensation attorney oregon can assist in the matter so you get what you deserve. But don’t hire the first lawyer that you find. Take the time to find and hire an attorney who understands your legal needs that will fight for your rights from start to finish.

With so many workers comp attorneys out there, it is not always easy to get this if you don’t try. To alleviate some of the stress, be sure to ask the attorney you are interested in working with plenty of questions and get the answers that you need. Important questions that you should ask before hiring an attorney include:

workers compensation attorney oregon

1.    Are you a board certified workers compensation lawyer? Choose an attorney who specializes in workers comp so it is easier to get the results that you want.

2.    How many years of experience do you have? Never hire an inexperienced lawyer. The more experience that the lawyer has, the greater confidence you gain in the outcome of the case.  Experienced lawyer know the laws like the back of their hand and that is important when you’re headed to court.

3.    How much will you charge to handle my case? It is important to ask this question during the initial consultation. Do keep in mind that lawyers who handle workers comp matters oftentimes work on a contingency basis so no money is needed to start the case.

4.    Will I go to court? Not every workers compensation case makes it to a courtroom or goes before a judge. Many will. It is essential to ask this question about your case.

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