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Three Reasons Why Per Diem Lawyers Are So Helpful

Many people are not even aware of the concept of a per diem lawyer. It makes sense, as it is the type of profession that only someone in the legal world would know about. But those who are familiar with the legal world know that per diem attorneys have significant benefits, when used correctly. Here are three reasons why getting a per diem lawyer can be so helpful, especially for small firms.

1. Quick Turnaround

Hiring a temporary lawyer is a very fast process. It is not like calling someone for a job interview then waiting weeks before it is their first day of work. A per diem lawyer is there to fill a specific need within days.

Say a small firm has a client dealing with a DUI charge, but none of the lawyers are familiar with such cases. Using a per diem attorney as second chair adds expertise, while providing the client with a top service.

2. Affordable

Not every law firm is huge with an ever growing budget. Many firms are small and have to make do with modest resources. Requesting a per diem lawyer is done on an hourly or daily basis. The cost is very manageable.

temporary lawyer

3. Satisfying Expensive Clients

Many small firms deal with the issue of satisfying their larger clients. These are the clients who pay the highest retainer. It makes sense they would have greater expectations.

But a small firm only has a certain number of lawyers. There will be times in the year when every attorney is busy, but a top client needs help. Requesting a per diem attorney to manage some other case, so your top lawyer can help that client is a good way to get around the issue.

Per diem lawyers can save the day for any firm. But they are especially useful to law firms with less staff and lower budgets.